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I help audiences to rethink outdated assumptions about product development with practical advice, takeaways and actionable insights drawn from years of experiences with diverse clients. You can watch my previous talks or contact my marketing team.

Product Mindset for Team Leads: 3 Principles that Pave the Way for Success

Building the digital products that transform and grow your business is fundamentally different than creating IT systems. As a team leader, your digital product’s potential to exponentially grow market share and revenue is inspiring and terrifying – at the same time.

But there is a proven path to develop digital products that customers crave, while avoiding the angst, frustration and financial devastation of building the wrong thing to perfection.

The companies that transform themselves to compete and win in the digital economy have a specific mindset; they practice three values to create software products that drive revenue. These values help them to think differently so that they can rise above process rituals and create software products that drive revenue.

In this talk, you will learn:

  • The three key values of the Product Mindset
  • The hard truth about building digital products that most companies just don’t get
  • What the “stickiest” digital products all have in common

Product Leadership: How Clarity, Purpose and People Create Groundbreaking Products

Online experiences are transforming the way consumers choose to do business. Yes, at companies across the globe, development teams are wasting time, money, and talent. Despite huge investments in software development, the products often fail to meet customer needs and expectations. But on the flipside, organizations that do well in the software development space are growing faster, more profitably, and have high customer engagement. Why?

The secret to digital product success is not more features or better Agile rituals. It’s something that makes a much bigger impact on the outcomes: product leadership.

While practices like QA automation can shrink a development schedule, it’s true clarity of purpose and priority that will speed everything. The best companies leverage product leadership to create an inspiring vision, rally teams and capitalize on opportunities.

In this talk, you will learn:

  • Why leadership transformation is a fundamental requirement for digital transformation and revenue growth
  • How to identify the members of your leadership team that can help evangelize the Product Mindset
  • The three principles you need to follow to align your teams and create products that customers crave and that spur revenue

There is No Such Thing as Scope Creep

Scope creep. It’s a dirty phrase in the world of digital software products. For decades, we’ve been groomed to believe that changes are the enemy – something that must be minimized or avoided.

But here’s the reality: customer needs change. Markets change. Regulations change. Companies reorganize. LIke it or not, learning and discovery are a natural part of the product development process.

The solution is to stop pretending we can avoid change and instead, get better at managing it. With the right mindset and the right methods, you can embrace uncertainty and even get good at change. In fact, when you embrace this mindset and methods, there’s no such thing as scope creep.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to flip the script on scope creep and adopt a new mindset
  • Why change is essential to developing popular (and profitable) digital products
  • The 5 keys to successfully manage change – for yourself and your team