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July 16, 2015

Sales people have a saying

PV + BV = CV

It means personal value plus business value equals contract value. Contract value equals $$$$. This equation is as effective as driving change as it is at driving sales.

Business Value 

Acquiring customers, defending against competitors, reducing costs, growing revenue are examples of business value. When I talk with a prospect my goal is to understand what their problems are, then I show them how I can impact those problems and create value for them. If you want your idea or initiative to get support you have to show how it will drive value for the business and help achieve strategic goals.

Personal Value 

If it makes their working lives better, helps a person achieve their goals, helps them hit their MBOs or OKRs or helps them advance their career it has personal value. Understanding personal value can be tricky because it requires observation and personal conversations.

If you can show how your idea or initiative provides both types of value your are very likely to get the support you need. Sometimes you are going to find that their is little, none or negative personal value. The good news is that you will at least know what you are up against.

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