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October 2, 2014

I was thinking about ways to help our team to write more blog posts and came up with the simple template for trend posts. Hopefully it will help you.

Before you write, take a minute to think about the intended audience for the piece:

  • What is their role? More on this below…
  • What are their needs and challenges?
  • What is their current knowledge on the topic?
  • Are they more focused on driving business goals or exploring new technology?
  • You can use this template and questionnaire to get started. Remember that a rough draft can be rough and we can help refine it, so don’t stress about the content as much as addressing the key components below.

What is the subject of your post?

  • Introduce the technology trend or topic area and its affect on a market or business.
  • Make sure to define any jargon, acronyms, etc. Simplicity is key.

Why does it matter and what should people do about it?

  • How does this technology or trend create new business opportunities or new business challenges?
  • How might it disrupt an entire industry, create a new industry, or leverage or propel an existing technology or industry in a new way (i.e. Uber, Airbnb)?
  • What is the customer pain point this technology seeks to solve?
  • Conversely, what is unproven; risks, unknowns that this trend creates ?
  • How is this (or will this)  disrupt an industry, a business, a market space today?
  • What are the implications for this new technology tomorrow?
  • Does it affect certain verticals or have broad applications? If so, how and in what ways?
  • How should I evaluate its usefulness?
  • How can I learn more or experiment with it?

How can your company or you help?

  • How can a product development services partner help you adapt to and/or adopt this new technology or trend into your business?
  • How can we help you experiment and/or deploy this new technology into your existing or new products?
  • What experience or capabilities does 3Pillar have in this area?

Don’t be too salesy but remind the reader of what you have to offer.

Image: A exploration with color and line from a few years back.

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