C&O Canal near Shepherstown, WV

Earn the Right to do More (Stop complaining about strategic impact and do something about it)

In UX circles people often complain about how executives don’t appreciate UX or listen to UX people on strategic matters. I have little sympathy for this.

We research our users, understand their needs, use words and images they understand and advocate for features they want. Why don’t we give stakeholders, decision makers or clients the same care?

Know what the business objectives are, why they matter and what metrics will show we’ve been successful.

Talk to stakeholders and clients about things that matter to them in a language they understand. If they don’t understand what you are saying, change your approach don’t wait for them to change theirs.

Stop the idle navel gazing and make a business impact. No one outside of the UX community cares about definitions. What they care about are results.

This is a ground campaign that is worth waging. We just need to be willing to do it step by step and the first step is getting over ourselves.

Image: A stroll on the C&O Canal near Shepherdstown, WV where my sister-in-law went to school.

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