Hallway Studio

April 1, 2015

In college I needed one more elective to graduate so I took a sculpture class. I didn’t realize some simple techniques I learned in class would serve me for years.

Every 15 minutes a timer would sound and we had to turn our piece by 20 or so degrees. This helped us to create a complete, 360 degree piece instead of focusing too much on one side.

Periodically the professor would come by for a critique. He would have you walk around you piece, get closer to look at a detail and pull back to consider the whole piece.

When we’re working on a product it’s easy to focus on one part it and forget the rest. It’s easy to focus on getting things done in the current sprint and miss that your product is going astray.

Make sure you step back and evaluate your product from a variety of view points on a regular basis. Check on your roadmap. Let customers guide the product’s development.

Image: This is from the Site du Centre Pompidou in Paris. Sadly getting images of my own sculptures would have required doing some serious digging in the archives.

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