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March 14, 2014

My colleague Erik Isaksen and I are leading a 90 minute workshop on prototyping at ModevUX and we’d love for you to attend. It’s a chance to see our process end to end with exercises and (I hope) healthy discussion. You can get 15% off by using the code UX14PLR

Here’s the workshop blurb:

So you, your client or your boss has an idea – what could it look like? Will customers want it? Is it right for the business? At 3Pillar, we use prototyping to develop ideas and get them in front of customers quickly with minimal risk. We’ll take you through our end-to-end process of understanding desired business outcomes, identifying user needs, iterating, prototyping, and testing to get user feedback.

Part 1: Introduction (30 minutes)



  • Preview activities
  • Meet our Fake Company!

Business Outcomes

  • Lean Canvas
  • Map relationships between customers, customer’s customers, suppliers, and partners
  • Rapid User Research Methods

Interview users

Part 2: Ideation, Prototyping and Testing (50 minutes)


  • Timed sketching sessions followed by presentations, discussions, and timed refinement


  • What are the tools available?
  • How do you decided what to prototype and how complex it will be?
  • How do you set expectations and manage the scope of work with clients and stakeholders?


  • Review methods for testing
  • How to prepare and conduct a test

Part 3: Conclusion (10 minutes)

Key takeaways


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