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May 11, 2016

I took some friends skiing not long ago and one of them was having trouble making turns.

Years of training and experience have taught me how to quickly look at someone and immediately know what one to two things would help him have a better day. With some coaching and practice he did much better and was excited to try skiing again.

Sometimes in the professional services industry we propose solutions to clients based on the ideal. We want them to conform to our worldview.

If I had tried to get my friend to have perfect technique he would have become frustrated or deflated.

Instead of getting hung up on our ideology let’s meet clients where they are. Let’s help them take steps towards their goal. It’s not about us and our ideas, it’s about making better todays and tomorrows.

Let’s use our knowledge and experience to meet people where they are, identify the most important things they can do with the team and money they have and help them make it happen.

Image: This was concept art from when I was a student in Scotland

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