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My favorite posts of 2016

2016 was a big year for me. I was asked to lead and transform the Product Consulting team at 3Pillar. It’s been great to bring such a talented, adaptable and fun group of people together and learn from them. Here are a few of my favorite posts from this year:

Determining the First Release
The first thing you release needs to put the solution to your customer’s most important problem in their hands.

How to run a customer test in 10 minutes
You can use this method with a prototype application, a landing page, a canvas or just about anything else you want to show someone.

Meeting people where they are
It’s not about us and our ideas, it’s about making better todays and tomorrows.

Product’s Role in DevOps
How DevOps enables companies to respond to customer needs

Why domain expertise is dangerous in a product manager
It’s dangerous because they might think they are the target audience and propose solutions for their former selves. They have to overcome their own biases and assumptions.

Pre-Mortems are great for kickoffs
The pre-mortem creates a moment when we all acknowledge the risks without pointing fingers or being pessimistic and we realize that we are in this together and we need to be open and honest to make it work.

Take 3 podcast on conducting great customer interviews
Vidhya Sriram and I share our interviewing tips.

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