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January 28, 2016

I recently sat down with my friend Dan Greene to talk about the role of the product team in DevOps.

He and I like to joke that DevOps is the new hotness, since most of the sales and senior technology people we know are talking about it. Dan wrote “What is DevOps?” for TechCrunch.

People began to realize that a “throw it over the wall” mentality from development to operations was just as much of a challenge as we used to have with throwing requirements over the wall and waiting for code to come back. People began to blur the lines between the development tasks, such as coding and operational deployment tasks such as server provisioning, hence the name “DevOps.”

I use the term “DevOps” to define a set of practices, tools and policies that lead to improved quality and Automated Delivery (AD). In many ways, rapid and frequent deployment to production reduces risk, as any release contains fewer changes. And fixes for any issues that are found are easier to fix or, alternatively, the smaller changes are typically easier to roll back.

Dan and I talked about

    • How DevOps enables companies to respond to customer needs
    • The risks to a product of unplanned releases
    • Preventing problems with your operations team
    • Why you need to measure and monitor so you can quickly fix a problem when you find it
    • Late nights we’ve spent working on releases

Check it out, I hope you like it

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