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Unlocking potential with scaffolding

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As leaders, we need to nurture our team members’ growth and help them develop new skills. Too often we toss them into the deep end and hoping they swim, or micromanage every move they make. Neither works that well. By borrowing a powerful tool from the education field we can enable team members to soar […]

What a boss really wants in a design lead or manager

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Dreaming of becoming a design leader? I’m often asked what I look for in a lead designer or design manager. We are on the lookout for self-sufficient leaders, not just another cog in the machine. It’s about being a doer, a planner, and a problem-solver. Get-It-done attitude Design executives are swamped. They need someone who […]

Don’t want to be an order taker? Stop taking orders

Boone Drug in Boone, NC

When you sit the chair and ask your hair stylist for a certain style of cut or color chances are they listened carefully, considered your face shape, hair type, how much time you spend your hair (not much if you are me) and your skill in doing hair (none if you are me). Hopefully at […]

How to Manage Up

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Everyone has a boss. Even a CEO needs to manage their board or important customers. Knowing how to manage leaders in your organization or your client’s is a pretty important skill and one I did not come by naturally.  I’ve been luckily enough to have people knock sense into me. Know how your boss works  […]

When we meet in person, I may not look in your eyes

When I was seven, I passed out. Understandably my parents and doctors were concerned so they ran a battery of tests. Eventually I was diagnosed with ADHD because I didn’t make eye contact with the doctor. Luckily my parents and teachers made sure I got the help I needed to do well in school and business. […]

The many types of product managers

Product manager is one of those titles that can mean different things. There are many kinds of PMs that play different roles in different organizations and that’s a good thing.  You want a PM that fits your needs. The Wrangler If the CEO has grand visions of the product’s future and seems to come up with […]