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Getting to know your customers better

Let’s say your company is really good at sales. The team knows who the buyer is, how to reach them, what they care about and close the sale. What happens next? Who is using it? How? What value do they get from it?  Are they being well-served? More and more the customer is charge, their […]

Do you know your customer?

If you get me as a ski instructor I look at your gear, how you stand and see what mood you’re in as I walk over to you. We chat and I ask where you are from, what you do for fun, what you want to do today and your sport experience. As we head […]

The Trouble with Voice of the Customer Programs

I’ve had a lot of conversations with folks at midsize to enterprise companies about Voice of the Customer (VOC) programs. In all of these conversations they are under pressure to create growth with little time or resources and previous attempts to launch product have not worked out so well. There are two problems they need […]