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Lessons from 50 mentoring sessions

ADPList Logo and Mentees

This week I did my 50th session mentoring designers and PMs with ADPList. So many of them are talented and creative people who don’t know how to shine on a resume or they lack the confidence to tell us how great they are. My job is to be very direct and help them spotlight their […]

So what does an ideal UX team look like?

Last week the head of product for a small company asked me what the right size, skills and make up was for his UX team. Across the industry we’ve seen a trend towards smaller ratios of UX designers to engineers. My team serves about 30 clients with User Experience and we typically run at ratios […]

Anatomy of an Innovative Team: Hustle

Note: This is the fifth in a series of posts about what is needed on an innovative team. Previous posts were on humility, discipline, inquisitiveness and empathy. They said it wasn’t possible to bring soldiers and their families from Walter Reed to Liberty Mountain Resort for a weekend of skiing and fun. My mom proved them wrong. My dad was in […]