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Your methodology is holding you back

Agile, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Test Driven Development and whatever new and trendy thing out there are tools. They exist to help you to do something. They are supposed to help us be faster, make better products, be more people-centered, reduce waste or prevent errors. Too often we try to do these things with such […]

The problem with big bang design

It starts with a really fancy deck in your inbox. I’ve received these as both an internal head of UX and as a product consultant. The deck is lovely, comprehensive, well written and detailed. It makes be a bit jealous. The problem is that only about 15% of what’s in it will actually be implemented […]

Research vs Experimentation

I’m not much into to fishing but the few times I’ve gone out on a charter with friends it’s been pretty fun. This might be because the captain knows where the good spots are or can find them using fish finder technology. They also know what bait may tempt the fish. When planning new client […]

How I do customer development interviews


Customer development interviews are one of my favorite things to do. I really like learning about people’s lives even though what I learn most often is that my ideas or my client’s ideas are wrong. My style is very casual and conversational. I deliberately avoid anything that might make them feel like they are a research subject […]