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How to avoid a $32M flop: Inside the Hertz-Accenture Lawsuit

Last week, Hertz sued former marketing partner Accenture LLP for failing to deliver a promised redesign of their website and mobile apps. While the complaint is still in dispute, companies can learn from what we know about this alleged breach of contract. Where does a big project like this go so wrong it ends up in a […]

How to run a customer test in 10 minutes


I mentor with 1776, a DC area incubator, and in a recent conversation the member was asking about feedback. He told me that he was sending links out to a prototype and hoping to receive good stuff back. I told him I was concerned with this approach because he was : Missing the gut reaction […]

If you want to run a good customer test, ask these quesitons


When I’m planning a test with my teams these are the questions that we ask ourselves. It really helps us to focus our efforts in planning, recruiting and creating a a prototype or other artifact to test. What do we want to learn? This is the best place to start and should drive the answers […]

Getting the Most out of Prototyping


This was originally published on the 3Pillar Global website and has been republished with permission.  Prototyping is a great way to test ideas and assumptions, but you have to be smart about what to prototype and how much time and effort you want to put into it. Resources can be tight so you want to […]

My article about Prototyping on Sticky Minds

I’m happy to announce Sticky Minds published my article “Why Prototyping First Leads to Better End Products” this week. Posts on this blog inspired the article. We’ve learned a lot in working with clients and even the most mature product organizations get a lot of value out of prototyping. In the article I talk about […]

ModevUX Look Back

Thank you to the folks at Modev for putting on a great event, especially Jamiey Walking Bear. I sat in a few ModevUX sessions before ours so I was expecting a introspective crowd. That is not what we got. What we got was a full room of people who were fired up to ask questions […]

Guesting on the Innovation Engine Podcast

I had a great time talking about content monetization, my days in TV, prototyping, testing and strategy on the Innovation Engine podcast with Will Sherlin. You can read Will’s recap here.  Take a listen on iTunes or Stitcher Radio Photo: A few years ago a friend of my dad’s took us on a tour of the  National Air […]