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The 6 realities of implementing AI

Mixed media art piece

Behind every “overnight success” is years of work in the shadows—and the same is true for artificial intelligence. AI chat bots may have exploded and captured public attention but scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers have been working on this since before the 1950s according to Harvard.  For a long time we’ve used AI/ML for limited applications […]

Don’t be afraid to have a vision

This is a slightly edited version of a message I sent to my team: Today a prospect told us his vision of digital transformation and asked what ours was. I don’t think that’s ever happened before and it threw us off. Luckily we’d talked about ideas on the train and I’ve spent a lot of […]

Balancing Authority and Empathy

I live in the scary place between idea and execution. Where either really good things can happen or not so good things. Below the surface my clients are usually some mix of excited and scared. The come looking for guidance on the way forward and empathy for the stress of uncertainty. It’s a delicate balancing […]