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How to deal with a bad idea


So my friend wanted a dog. I didn’t think it was the best idea since he had a small condo and a job that involved a lot of travel. I knew that saying it was a bad idea would be met with stubbornness, so I asked a bunch of tough questions to get him to […]

I don’t like to sell, but I love a good sales meeting

I’m not the best sales person, I much prefer learning about potential clients and seeing how we can help. I ask a lot of questions, make a lot of suggestions and I will challenge you on your model, roadmap and processes. I’ll take notes on the whiteboard and draw ideas so we are all on […]

How home shows can help you sell your UX team

We’ve been watching a lot of real estate and remodeling shows while looking for a house. The experts always advise sellers to make things neutral and remove personal items. This is done so that potential buyers don’t get distracted by odd or personal décor choices and so they can see themselves in the space. When […]