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June 16, 2014

If you’ve ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur or you work in product you should definitely go to Lean Startup Machine. I had an amazing experience mentoring the teams and witnessing their evolution was amazing.

Thank you to

  • Peter, Kevin and Brian for all your hard work to put on the event
  • The participants for your enthusiasm, resilience and for putting up with our sometimes conflicted advice
  • Shardul, James, Pete, Patrick, Rui and Mariya for the great conversation and mentoring advice

My advice to future LSM participants

  • Come with an idea that can be validated on the weekend. The teams who were working on professional services businesses struggled to find people to talk with.
  • Come with a idea that is just baked enough. No one wanted to work on a product already in market or close to being in market. They wanted to learn how to validate new businesses.
  • Mentally prepare yourself for failure because it’s coming
  • Get ready to hustle for user feedback
  • Your customer is more than their demographic, think about what defines them. How will you identify them when you are walking down the street?
  • Listing assumptions help you align your team when you do interviews
  • If your group can’t settle on something, get it down to two and test both
  • It’s just a sticky, put it on the board and see what happens.
  • Wear comfortable shoes

A plea for potential mentors 

  • The participants are a fun group that are hungry to learn and their energy is contagious.
  • There are great conversations to be had with your fellow mentors
  • It’s absolutely worth your time

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