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Welcome! I like learning and I almost always learn things the hard way. I started this project to capture what I’ve learned to help others get the benefit without the bruises. I hope I can help you solve problems for your customers and help your team deliver value.


Jessica Hall is the author of The Product Mindset: Succeed in the Digital Economy by Changing the Way Your Organization Thinks. She scaled a global product strategy and user experience organization at 3Pillar Global, built the first UX team at CEB (now Gartner) and led the creation of the Newseum’s interactive experiences. She currently serves as VP of Design at CoStarGroup. She’s been featured at CES, TEDxPearlStreet, Lean Startup Week and Atlassian Summit.

She lives with her husband, two daughters and a pushy cat named Pazu (Hayao Miyazaki character) in northern Virginia.

Contact Information

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and at jess@hallwaystudio.com

Images on this site

Most of the featured images were taken or created by me. I’m good at sharing if you ask.


This is my personal blog. The opinions I express here do not necessarily represent those of my employer or previous employers.

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