Welcome! I like learning and I almost always learn things the hard way. I started this project to capture what I’ve learned to help others get the benefit without the bruises. I hope I can help you and I’m excited to have a lively conversation.

My clients go from small startups to big enterprises in a variety of verticals so I get to see how things work in many settings.

I write about strategy, rapid product development, user experience and coaching innovative teams.


I lead 3Pillar Global’s Product Strategy & Design team. We help clients with strategy and product development.

Before 3Pillar I built the UX team at CEB and lead the creation of the Newseum’s interactive exhibits and website. My work has been recognized by the Web Marketing Association, American Association of Museums, The Webby Awards, Time, Graphic Design USA, Forbes, and The Washington Post.

I hold a Masters in Design and Digital Media from the University of Edinburgh and a BA in Journalism from American University.

My husband, Zeke, and I live in the DC burbs with our two daughters and cats Howl and Pazu. (If you are wondering they are named for Hayao Miyazaki characters.)

Contact Information

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and at jess@hallwaystudio.com

Images on this site

The vast majority of featured images on this blog were taken or created by me. I’m good at sharing if you ask but will take action if my copyright is violated.


This is my personal blog. The opinions I express here do not necessarily represent those of my employer 3Pillar Global.


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