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The Surprising Secrets of Exceptional Product Leaders 
Washington, DC. July 2020

Buliding a Research Flywheel
Product Management Today
March 2022

ADPList Genius Hours #12: The Ins and Out of Salary Negotiation
November 2021

Stop the spin with story: Crafting stories that drive learning and progress
Elevate 150
April 2021′

Brain Trust: Transformation, Innovation, and Product Design
Connected Enterprise
October 2021
Panel with Soon You, Harmeet Chauhan, Thomas Cornely and Dirk Schapeler

Using Story to Drive Digital Transformation
Women in Agile Charlotte Metro
December 2020

Winning the Digital Transformation Game!
June 2020

Making friends and influencing decision makers 
April 2020

Gary’s Book Club
Las Vegas. January 2020

Mindset Matters: The Formula for Success in the Digital Economy
VOICE Summit
Newark, NJ. July 2019

“Product Mindset for Team Leads: 3 Principles that Pave the Way for Success”
Lean+Agile DC
Herndon, VA. November 2019

“4 Ways to Fix the Conflict that is Killing your Teams”
Lean Startup Week
San Francisco, CA . November 2017

“There is No Such Thing as Scope Creep”
Atlassian Summit
San Jose, CA. September 2017

“There is No Such Thing as Scope Creep”
Code(Her) Conference
Washington, DC. September 2017

“Transform your Team with the Product Mindset”
Fairfax, VA. August 2017

“Putting the Product Mindset into Practice”
Join the Product Mindset Revolution
Fairfax, VA. June 2017

“There is No Such Thing as Scope Creep”
Code Writers Workshop
Washington, DC. June 2017

“Climbing the mountain: A Practical Guide to Product Strategy”
Smart City Works – Center for Innovative Technology
Herndon, VA. May 2017

“The Places You Can Go with a Career in UX”
UX Talks
Cluj, Romania. March 2017

“5 Stages of Accepting Negative Feedback”
Ella Conf
Philadelphia. November 2016

“3 Things a New Product Team Needs”
Business of Software Conference USA
Boston. September 2016

“Developing Your Product Mindset”
Interagency Visual Media Group (IVMG)
Springfield, Va. October 2016

“Get Better Faster with Prototyping”
Women in Tech Summit
Philadelphia. April 2016

“Prioritization without the Pain”
Code(Her) Conference
Washington DC. September 2015

Moderator for “Data as the Engine of the Product Economy”
MVP Conf 2015
Arlington, VA. May 2015

“Fulfilling The Wearables Promise: How to Take Wearables Data From Minimal to Actionable”
Wearables + Things
Arlington, VA. October 2014

“User Experience Principles”
2014 Interagency Visual Media Group Annual Meeting
Washington, DC. October 2014

“Using Prototypes to Validate Product Strategy”
ProductCamp DC 2014
Washington, DC. October 2014

“Prototyping for Business Outcomes”
McLean, VA. May 2014

“Monetizing Content in the New Digital World”
National Broadcasters Association
Las Vegas. April 2014

“Prototyping Your Way to Better and Faster Outcomes”
Intelligence Community Interactive Alliance Conference.
Chantilly, VA. February 2014

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