Saying “We” instead of “You”

When I work with clients I always say “we.” It’s not “your” problem, “your” customers, “your” value proposition, what “you” need to do. Instead it’s “our” customers, “our” value proposition what we need to do together to be successful.

However long we work together, be it hours, days, weeks, months or longer, I’m on your team. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a sales meeting or a paid engagement.

It’s seems like a silly little semantic trick but to me its a signifier that I’m committed and it doesn’t end when the contract does because I’m still here and ready to help.

Image: I felt like playing in Illustrator

3 thoughts on “Saying “We” instead of “You”

  1. Vlad Bota

    This is my biggest pet peeves while working within a team. Couldn’t agree with you more ! 🙂

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