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What is an “outcome” and why does it matter?

Outcomes are the new hotness in product development and it’s pissing me off. I’ve been talking about them for years and now more prominent people are doing it so it looks like I’m following a trend. An outcome in this context is a result of something the team has done. Ideally the result is favorable […]

Earn the Right to do More (Stop complaining about strategic impact and do something about it)

In UX circles people often complain about how executives don’t appreciate UX or listen to UX people on strategic matters. I have little sympathy for this. We research our users, understand their needs, use words and images they understand and advocate for features they want. Why don’t we give stakeholders, decision makers or clients the […]

Join me for “Prototyping for Business Outcomes” at ModevUX and save 15%

My colleague Erik Isaksen and I are leading a 90 minute workshop on prototyping at ModevUX and we’d love for you to attend. It’s a chance to see our process end to end with exercises and (I hope) healthy discussion. You can get 15% off by using the code UX14PLR Here’s the workshop blurb: So you, your client […]