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Don’t be afraid to have a vision

This is a slightly edited version of a message I sent to my team: Today a prospect told us his vision of digital transformation and asked what ours was. I don’t think that’s ever...

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The problem with big bang design

It starts with a really fancy deck in your inbox. I’ve received these as both an internal head of UX and as a product consultant. The deck is lovely, comprehensive, well written and detailed....

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How to design a successful workshop

Note: This originally appeared on the 3Pillar website Workshops are a great way to get your team aligned and moving quickly. I design workshops to meet my client where they are and get them...

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Ask simple questions to drive change

Who is our customer? What are we trying to accomplish? How did we get here? What did we learn? I like simple questions about important things. They strip away marketing speak. They force us...

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Join me for a workshop on monetizing content @ NAB

I’ve heard about NAB for years and now I get to see if for myself. I will be leading a workshop on how to think through your content montetization strategy, user needs and implementation.