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June 12, 2021

Jobs to be Done is a very effective way to think about what drives purchase and onboarding behaviors. I’ve been doing some workshops on it with colleagues and at first they aren’t buying it. They don’t see the value of functional, social and emotional goals until the switch flips and once it does it’s pretty great to see how many new ideas get unlocked and how they start to question things they took for granted. I’m still learning about jobs, here are some of my favorite resources so far.

Understanding the Job – Clay Christensen

He’s one of the leading thinkers in innovation for a reason. This short video gives you a really good introduction to why jobs is powerful.

Demand-Side Sales 101: Stop Selling and Help Your Customers Make Progress

Don’t get confused by the title, this book is the most comprehensive and easy to understand summary about jobs I’ve seen anywhere. In a few short chapters Bob Moesta helps you understand the theory, see how the different forces work and how it will help your business.

Jobs-to-be-Done Handbook

This is the practical companion to Demand-Side Sales. Moesta and his former parnter packed this short book full to great tips on doing the research that fuels your work on Jobs.

Interview – buying a smartphone

Jobs to be Done radio (actually a podcast) has a lot of great episodes full of insight. In this one you get to see the masters, Moesta and Spiek, interview someone who recently bought a smartphone.

The causality of cutsomer behavior

Bob Moesta explains that everything has a cause and how to understand what causes customer behavior.


Image:  Some tools of the trade on a conference table, I can’t remember which of the many ones I’ve done this is from.

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